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Yes, it is possible to make the cancellation with Volaris within the time period of 24 hours of making the reservation for free. Indeed, the airline also ensures that you get the full ticket fare amount refunded for the same.

Can I cancel my Volaris flight within 24 hours?

Yes, as part of the 24-hour cancellation policy with Volaris, you are entitled to make the cancellation of the flight with the airline in the time span of 24 hours. It can be initiated offline or online, in alignment with the preference you have.

How do I cancel my Volaris flight within 24 hours?

You can make the Volaris cancel the flight online within the time period of 24 hours in accordance with the requirements you have. The methodology that needs to be followed to successfully make the cancellation with the airline is as stated here:

  • Go through the landing page of Volaris.

  • Browse across the page to find the My Trips headline.

  • Click on it to access the Manage Your Trips icon.

  • Type in the details of the Reservation Code and Last Name.

  • The booking page would be retrieved.

  • Now, choose the flight to cancel your booking.

  • Scroll to find the Cancel My Flight option from the menu list.

  • Finalize the cancellation by making the payment if any and submit.

  • The team will share an email of confirmation for the same. 

What is the phone number to cancel a flight with Volaris?

You can place a call at the Volaris cancel flight phone number, +1 855 VOLARIS(8652747), in case there arises a need to cancel the ticket with the airline. Once you make the call, the team will get connected after a certain holding time. Make sure to follow all the instructions and choose the options as needed. This would ensure that you get assigned a representative from the team for the required help. Run through the instructions given to cancel with the airline successfully.

Does Volaris have a cancellation policy?

Yes, there are certain aspects as part of the Volaris cancellation policy international and domestic which you need to follow in case there are plans to initiate the cancellation with the airline. The specific pointers associated with the same are stated here:

The cancellation of the Volaris ticket purchase made is applicable within the 24-hour cancel policy only if the ticket was purchased a minimum of one week before the scheduled departure of the flight.

  • The airline allows you to cancel the flight by a maximum of 3 hours before the time of departure of the flight, given that you have not checked in with the flight for the required journey you had planned.
  • Delays and cancellations of the flight by the airline entitles you to cancel with Volaris by the comfort you have. The airline even provides compensation for the same.
  • Dire situations of medical emergency and situations of death in the family give you the scope to make the Volaris flight cancellation. But, you would need to provide the legalized document of proof for the same as part of the validation process.

Can you cancel a Volaris flight and get a refund?

Volaris gives you the flexibility to you for making the cancellation of the flight with them and get a refund as per the requirement. You would not be eligible for a refund from the team, under scenarios in the check-in has been done with the airline either online mode or at the airport.

Can You cancel a Volaris international flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can make a requisite for the Volaris 24-hour cancellation of international flights in case there arises a need for the same. The airline allows you to make the cancellation from your part through the official website or by means of placing a call with the team. Even a visit to the airport can be made in case you would like to make the cancellation of the reservation made with Volaris.

Can the flight with Volaris be canceled at the airport?

At the airport, you can make a visit to the Volaris airport ticket counter, where the staff will help you cancel the flight. You would need to provide details of the cancellation that needs to be made along with the fee to cancel as applicable. The staff would then initiate the cancellation on your behalf.

What is the cancellation fee charged by Volaris?

The cancellation fee that is charged by the airline purely depends on the total distance traveled by the airline, the destination to which the flight is going along with the fare class in which you are traveling. Thus, an average of 50 USD to 200 USD can be charged which can vary depending on the scenarios and circumstances under which the cancel was made.

How much time does it take to get a refund from Volaris?

For all the cancellations that you make with Volaris, the time taken for a refund depends on the mode through which the payment was made. The attributes of the same are given here:

For payments via credit or debit card: A total of 7 business days would be taken by the support team of Volaris if you have made the payment by means of credit or debit card payment that has been made.

All other modes of payment: An average of 20 business days is taken by the airline's team to refund the payment for cash, cheque, and all other modes of payment that you chose.

Important note: In case the refund was not credited to you within the time given, you can place a call with the airline's customer support team for the assistance and support you need. 

Till what time can the cancellation be done with the airline team?

If you would like to make the last-minute cancellation with Volaris, the same can be initiated 4 hours before the scheduled time at which the departure has to take place. Once the check-in process with the airline starts, it won't be possible for you to initiate the cancellation with the airline. This falls under the Volaris cancel flight after 24 hours scenario.