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Can I change seats after booking tickets from Eurowings Airlines?

Yes! Eurowings allow you to reserve a seat category, such as a seat with extra legroom or a window seat, when you book the ticket with the airline. Besides, if you miss it, you can reserve the seat later before web check-in closes. You can proceed with seat change Eurowings Airlines online by visiting the website and accessing the details. In addition, you can contact Eurowings call center directly to make modifications on your behalf.

Do I have to pay for a seat change on Eurowings Airlines?

Yes! You have to pay for seat changes on Eurowings Airlines based on the fare condition that applies to your ticket. You also have the option to book the empty middle seat next to you and extra legroom at around Euro 10.

Can Eurowings Airlines change your confirmed seat?

Generally, Eurowings Airlines never change your reserved seat. However, if it happens, that will be because the airline wants to help families sit together, caretakers sit next to the patients, and accommodate an air marshal or other airline employee or maintain the flight balance. 

Are seat changes in Eurowings Airlines refundable?

Once you reserve a seat, if you want to change it further, you are not liable for a refund. Besides, Seat change in Eurowings Airlines refundable if Eurowings changes your seat at their end.

Can I change my seat in Eurowings Airlines after I check in online?

The Eurowings airline has not mentioned anywhere if you can change your seat after check-in. However, you can reserve your seat up to before the web check-in closes before departure. If you want to make changes before departure or after check-in, you can do it online by visiting the Eurowings official site or by talking to the representative at the airport. 
However, remember that seat changes are subject to availability; you can make the changes only if the desired seat is available. How to change seat after check-in Eurowings Airlines; here is the quick procedure: 

Change seats after check-in:

  • Head to the Eurowings website and log into your account
  • Else go to the 'My Trip' section and then Manage your booking 
  • Provide confirmation number and surname, click on search 
  • Select the ticket for seat reservation, and click on 'Change Seat reservation.'
  • Select the preferred seats from the seat map you want to reserve and proceed 
  • Pay for the seats and follow the prompts to complete the seat change process 
  • Make sure you get a confirmation email for your new seat selection 

In addition, you can also speak to Eurowings at +49 (0)221 599 882 22 and speak to the agent to change seats on your behalf. 

Can I change seats after take off in Eurowings Airlines?

No! You cannot change your seat after taking off in Eurowings unless there is an emergency, medical reason, or similar situation. Moreover, if the seats are empty, you can speak to the staff on board to provide the seat for you. However it is not always possible, so changing seats during the booking or before check-in is better.


By reading the complete information in the article, hopefully, you will get answers to most of your questions. Moreover, if you still have doubts about 'Eurowings Seat Reservation,' you can speak to the support team at Eurowings directly. You can also visit the Eurowings website to know about further details.