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How can I know Thai Airways cancelation policy?

Thai Airways is one of the prominent airlines known for its smooth services and flexible policies. If your ticket is booked with Thai Airways and, for some reason, you want to cancel it, there are many ways. Thai Airways allows free cancellation under certain conditions, or else the Thai Airways cancellation fee applies based on fare rules. In the article, you will explore some cancellation-related questions and answers; read it until the end to ensure everything is clear. 

Can I cancel my Thai Airways flight?

Yes! Thai Airways allows you to cancel the booking for free if you purchase the ticket seven days before your flight departure and cancel it within 24 hours of booking. However, the  Thai Airways cancellation fee might apply if you cancel the ticket later based on the ticket rule. Besides, it also depends on your reason to cancel the booking. If there is a valid reason for your cancellation, the airline helps you cancel the booking. 

How long can you cancel a Thai Airways flight?

Once your ticket is booked, you can cancel it immediately from the time booking is made up to 1-2 hours before the departure of your flight. 

How much does Cancelling a Thai Airways flight cost?

If your reservation is made seven days before departure and you cancel it within 24 hours of booking or on the same day of booking, no cancellation cost applies. However, the cancellation fee applies after the risk-free period. 

  • The cancellation fee for Flexi Saver fare might range from $ 200 to $ 250. Flexi Saver Plus's cancellation fee ranges from $ 100 to $ 250 based on the cancellation time. 
  • Full Flexi Fare and Royal Silk Plus may need to pay a cancellation fee of around $ 100 to $ 250. 
  • For Basic Flexi Ticket, the cancellation charges might range from $ 200 to $ 250. 

What is the 24-Hour Thai Airways Cancellation Rule?

As per Thai Airways 24-hour cancellation policy, no cancellation fee applies if you book your Thai Airway flight ticket seven days or more before the original date and cancel it within 24 hours of departure. Besides, you are eligible for a full refund of your original form of payment. The 24-hour policy of Thai Airways applies to all booking and ticket types. If you cancel a ticket after 24 hours, the cancellation fee based on your fare rule applies. 

  • Passengers with refundable tickets can still get a refund with the deduction of cancellation fee in case they cancel the booking after 24 hours. 
  • Nonrefundable ticket holders cannot get any refund if cancelling the ticket after 24 hours. However, they can request the Thai Airways team to provide travel credit, which can be used later.
  • Remember, the Thai Airways 24-hour cancellation policy applies only to the booking you made directly from the Thai website, call center, and airport. It does not apply to the bookings you made via a third party. 

How to cancel Thai Airways flight tickets online?

Thai Airways provides many ways to cancel the booking, including online through the website, offline via phone, and at the airport. However, Thai Airways ticket cancellation online is quite popular among passengers because it is quick, free, and convenient. To cancel the ticket online: 

  • Browse the Thai Airways official website online.
  • Login to your Thai Airways account using the credentials 
  • Go to the ‘My Bookings’ section if you have no account. 
  • Enter the Thai reference number and surname, and click ‘Find My booking.’
  • Select the Thai ticket you want to cancel, and click on ‘Change/ Cancel booking, provide a valid cancellation reason. 
  • Now click on the ‘cancel Thai ticket’ and complete the cancellation by following the prompt.
  • When the process is complete, you will soon receive a confirmation email for cancellation.


You can read the information above to cancel your Thai flight ticket hassle fee. Besides, read the Thai Airways cancellation policy to avoid inconvenience and additional penalties. Moreover, you can also visit the Thai Airways website online for more information.