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How to get through to Vistara Airline refund policy

In case you have a requirement to cancel your flight ticket reserved with Vistara Airlines and you wonder how much money will be refunded, it depends on your fare type as well as the time of cancellation. However, Vistara refunds the fare amount, and the applicable taxes or convenience fee will be forfeited as it is not refunded in most cases. 

Can we get refund for Vistara flight?

Yes, if you have purchased a refundable fare and later canceled the same, you will get a refund from Vistara Airlines. Though the refund amount depends on many factors, to learn about the same, you must be concerned about the airline's refund policies. 

What is Vistara airline refund policy?

There are various reasons for flight cancellation, and each reason has different refund rules. Here, the Vistara Airlines refund policy is provided that will help you know the different conditions:
•    The Vistara ticket must be canceled on time to apply for a refund.
•    A flight ticket refund claim must be submitted at Vistara in 20 days from the date of boarding. After that, the refund request will not be accepted.
•    A full refund will be offered to those who cancel the ticket in between 24 hours of purchase. 
•    The refunds for the flight cancellation after 24 hours will be offered by Vistara after deducting all the administration charges. 
•    When Vistara cancels a flight for some reason, a full refund or a free flight schedule will be offered to the passengers. 
•    For any cancellation of a flight made due to a medical emergency, a full refund will be offered upon submission of medical documents.

Can I get 100% refund on Vistara flight cancellation?

Yes, one can get a 100% refund on Vistara flight cancellation if only the purchase is made within 24 hours of buying the flight ticket. There is one more condition to get Vistara Airline's full refund amount; that is, the ticket must be bought seven days prior to the date of departure. If the conditions match, you will be eligible to receive the full amount you have paid for the ticket from Vistara Airlines. 

Does Vistara have refundable tickets?

Yes, Vistara Airlines has refundable tickets that can be reserved from the website, contacting an agent, or from the ticket counters. The refundable tickets are a bit more expensive than the non-refundable flight tickets as it provides flexibility for any changes and cancellation. The refunds for a Vistara refundable ticket are provided in the original form of payment.

How do I claim my airline refund from Vistara?

One can claim the refund from Vistara either by contacting customer service or filling out the refund request form. Here, both of these methods have been explained:

Online Refund claim:
•    Visit the Vistara Airlines homepage,
•    Go to "Manage my booking" and retrieve your claim with the reservation number and passenger name,
•    As your canceled flight details arrive, you can see the "Refund Request" option underneath,
•    You will have to adhere to the on-page instructions and provide the relevant information,
•    If any files are required, attract the same in the refund form,
•    As you tap the Submit key, your refund claim request will be sent to Vistara Airlines, and in a few days, the refund will be processed.

Offline Refund Claim:

The offline refund claim option is to contact Vistara Airlines customer service and provide all the needed information to the official person. You should place your call at +1 4804435249. Next, the official will join your call to assist you when you can make your request. After getting all the information, the official will submit the refund request to Vistara Airlines.

Is Vistara Airline tickets refundable after 24 hours?

One can cancel a Vistara flight ticket after 24 hours of booking as well. As per the Vistara Airline refund policy 24 hours, one can receive a full refund amount. However, you can also cancel your ticket after the 24-hour time frame passes. In this case, you will get a refund after some standard deduction. 

How do you check the refund status at Vistara?

The refund status can be checked online on the Vistara Airlines website. You can navigate the refund section on their web page, and there, the Refund Status option has been provided. You will only have to enter the refund number you have received in the email, and the result for the Vistara refund status will be shown on the screen. You can track your status on the page and know when the amount will be credited.