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                                              Terms & Condition

When looking for a booking from any official website, you need to be aware of the general terms and conditions. You might be familiar with the esteemed and user-friendly booking website Ticketforfly, which can assist you with extraordinary facilities and services. It arranges the best tour and holiday packages that you can find after accessing this website and planning your trip to your destination. To get more details and booking service, you need to take some time to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Get meaningful facts for the online terms:

When you wish to book your flight ticket or want to collect information related to flight booking service, you must go through the online terms and conditions that are essential to accept. So, if you are not at least at the age of majority in your local place and don’t even carry any valid documents to prove while accessing the website, you may not get permission to use this website for the booking and other services. However, if you do so, it comes under the illegal or unauthorized objective you must avoid with your liable activities on our website. 

Review the essential online terms are listed below:

Get aware of the general terms and conditions:

As mentioned, we are authorized to refuse services to anyone without any previous notice and information, and it happens due to any weather disaster. Apart from that, when you book your flight ticket, your data must be shared; it might be used for essential purposes. We share your details for the products sold, travel information, customer service, and other vital circumstances on this website. You are wholly and solely responsible for your booking that could change its prices for the booking and benefits you get with us. You need to understand the terms of deposit and payment, Documentation, bookings, changes, and cancellations professionally. 

Accuracy, completeness, and timelessness of information:

You will accept all the terms for the booking from a third-party travel agency associated with our website. It means whatever request you send to this website will pass to other travel agencies responsible for your booking and other services. Hence, you must avoid expecting to guarantee that you will get accurate information for any essential advice and help related to this site's products, services, or other vital activities. You will get to know some necessary things that you must check accordingly.

Change and cancellation fees:

When you get some details for the confirmed bookings, they are not refundable when you cancel your flight for any reason. You may also not be transferable to another date that you made unexpectedly. You get a facility to flight change, and it may only be permissible subject to payment of an additional fee or charge. You are responsible for checking all the booking details before the reservation.

Frequent flyer and loyalty program:

When you book your flight ticket with a travel agent on our booking website, you must purchase a Loyalty program membership. You will get more details about the Frequent Flyer and Loyalty Program in your booking and request the membership during or after a flight booking. You must subscribe to our services and get the new update for the loyalty program that you can find from a travel agent with us.

Travel documents:

You are responsible for collecting all the travel documents from us before travel when you book your flight ticket with the travel agency. You will get the information for your travel documents that you can collect within two weeks before departure. You need to contact your travel adviser to confirm your travel documents are ready to collect. If you book your flight ticket online with us, you must print or retain your document from our official booking website.