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Can I cancel an AirAsia flight within 24 hours?

In case you have recently purchased a flight ticket with AirAsia and for some reason there are changes in your plan, and you will not be able to fly as per the scheduled departure, you are obligated to cancel the ticket immediately within 24 hours and obtain a full refund. The 24-hour AirAsia cancelation cost is nil, and one can freely request to cancel their ticket.

What is AirAsia cancellation policy?24 hours airasia cancelation cost

In case an individual has a booking made with AirAsia and required to cancel the ticket, being aware of the AirAsia cancelation policy is a must. Before canceling your ticket, go through the relevant policies that are listed here:

  • A person must make the cancellation at AirAsia earlier than the flight’s take-off time, or else the refund will not be granted. 
  • If the person has a flexible air ticket, then only the cancellation request can be made. Tickets purchased as non-flexible or during the sale will not be obligated for cancellation and a refund as per the fare condition. 
  • There will be a standard fee applied to the ticket if someone makes the flight ticket cancellation after 24 hours of booking. 
  • A ticket cancellation at AirAsia due to a long delay in the scheduled boarding will also be eligible to get a free cancellation.
  • An AirAsia ticket purchased from a third party can only be canceled by approaching the same.

How many hours after booking an AirAsia flight can you cancel?

A ticket can be canceled immediately after completing the booking with AirAsia if required till 45 minutes before the departing time of the flight. A person does not have to wait further after making the booking to make the cancellation if necessary. However, the charges would be applied based on the cancellation policy. 

How much does it cost to cancel an AirAsia flight?

The cost of canceling an AirAsia flight depends on the departure time from the time you made the ticket cancellation. The charges vary on the fare type as well as the flight destination. However, the cost can be around 10% to 75% based on when you made the cancellation with AirAsia from the departure time of the flight. 

Is free cancellation in AirAsia flight ticket available?

An individual who makes the ticket cancellation before exceeding the 24-hour time frame for the booking can avail of the AirAsia free cancelation. The ticket changes and cancellation flexibility are available till 24 hours after the booking, and one can request as per the requirement for free. 

What are the methods for canceling a booking at AirAsia?

After considering all the relevant information regarding the AirAsia cancelation policy, if you would now like to be aware of the different methods to cancel your ticket, here are the suitable methods have been explained:

Online cancellation:

An individual can consider canceling the booking they have made directly through the AirAsia site. By logging in to your relevant account, you can make the flight cancellation without any issues with your help; the instructions are provided below:

  • Sign in on the AirAsia official site,
  • You can locate the My Booking option and opt for the Manage key in the same,
  • As you have logged in, your bookings will show on the new page,
  • Now, you must choose the ticket that you want to cancel,
  • You will have to select the reason and might have to attach a few files on the page,
  • If a cancellation fee is applicable, pay with online mode,
  • Next, the cancellation of the booking at AirAsia will be done, and you will get a confirmation email notification.

Offline cancellation:

Customer support can also be approached to request the cancellation of a ticket at AirAsia. You need to call the official number +61238138388 to get through to a live representative. State your flight ticket number and full name to request the ticket cancellation, and the representative will make the cancellation, acquiring the relevant information.