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Can I get a refund from Fiji Airways?

After reserving the flight with Fiji Airways, if you are facing any trouble, such as health issues, the purpose of booking gets canceled, airlines delay the take-off, etc., you can cancel the booking and apply for a refund. But you will only receive the refund if you do not breach any policies of the airlines and you apply for the refund before its departure. If you are looking to apply for a refund on Fiji Airways, you can do it by using their official website, connecting with the representative, or reaching the airline's counter at the airport. Of all the modes, the most convenient is the online mode, and if you want to go with this mode, you should use the below points. 

  • Look for the official website of Fiji Airways. 
  • Now opt for the manage booking section and provide the information of last name with booking reference number.
  • Following this, you must select the flight cancelation tap and then mention the reason for cancelation.
  • Further, you have to find the refund application form and fill it with genuine information.
  • Next, check any charges available, then pay them, and the airlines will send your email to successfully apply for the refund.

What Is Fiji Airways 24 hour refundable policy?

Yes, Fiji Airways has a 24-hour refundable policy, which informs that you will not need to pay any charges if you cancel the flight within 24 hours. After the Fiji Airways 24-hour cancellation policy period, you need to pay the charges for flight cancelation.

Other refundable policies on Fiji Airways

Other than the 24-hour refundable policy, Fiji Airways provides multiple other policies, and having information about those policies is essential as it will help you know whether you must pay cancelation charges. if you do not have details about them, then go through them below: 

  • If you cancel the flight due to any medical condition, you must show the genuine documents, and you will not need to pay any cancelation charges. 
  • On the flight's departure date, if airlines delay the take-off due to issues such as unavailability of staff, technical glitch, etc., you can cancel the booking without paying the charges. 
  • Fiji Airways only allows you to cancel the tickets at least four hours before the departure, as you are not eligible to cancel the reservation after that time. 
  • When buying the flight, if you add insurance to the ticket, you need to show it during cancelation, and you will not need to pay any charges. 

Are Fiji Airways tickets refundable after 24 hours?

Yes, if you purchase the refundable fare, you will get the refund even after surpassing the 24-hour window, but in that situation, you have to pay the cancelation charges. If you have a non-refundable fare, the airlines will not refund you after 24 hours. The airlines will provide voucher or coupons to those travelers who make the booking using any offer or package and cancel the booking after 24 hours. 

How long does a Fiji Airways refund take?

The Fiji Airways refund time will vary as per the medium you select while making the reservation. If you make the payments using the online mode, then you will get the refund within 14 working days, and if you make the payments through your card, then you will receive the refund in 07 working days. 

Do Fiji airlines give cash refunds?

Yes, Fiji Airways will refund you in cash, but only if you pay in cash while purchasing the tickets. if you use any alternative mode of payment, then airlines will provide you a refund in a different form. But if you want to get the refund in the form of cash, you need to cancel the booking by reaching the Fiji Airways ticket counter and then apply for the refund.

How much money is refunded on cancellation of Fiji Airways confirmed ticket?

The amount of refund you will get in a refund will vary as per the deduction amount and the class of your bookings; still, Fiji Air will deduct the amount from 150USD to 400USD, and then they will provide the rest of the amount as a refund. Still, if the refunded amount you will get is less, not accurate, or you want to know Fiji Airways refund status, you can also communicate with the representatives of the airlines. To communicate with the Fiji Airways customer service team, you have to call this number 679 672 0777 and then form the option of the IVR to select that which is relevant to your issues.