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Traveling in preferred travel class is every traveler's wish, and Air Canada fulfills this well. Not only do travelers have the option to reserve seats on Air Canada while initial booking but also to upgrade later. There are many travelers who want to upgrade their existing travel as it is always cheaper to upgrade to a higher class compared to making a reservation in business class or premium economy. It must also be noted that if you are a registered elite member of Air Canada Aeroplan, then you have the chance to earn E-credits that can used later on to purchase an Air Canada seat upgrade in business or premium economy.

The online process for Air Canada upgrade:

Travelers always have the flexibility to upgrade their travel classes online. If travelers, after making initial bookings, wish to process Air Canada seat upgrade Economy to Premium Economy, then they are expected to follow some online pointers provided below to upgrade their existing classes:

  • Visit the official Air Canada website.
  • Now you must click on the "My bookings" option.
  • To find your bookings, fill in the traveler's details.
  • When you find your ticket, click on the upgrade option.
  • If seats are available in the preferred cabin, select it.
  • Pay the different fare along with the upgrade charges.
  • Confirm your decision.

How can I ask for an upgrade at Air Canada?

Travelers can also ask for an upgrade at the airport. This option is only available if seats are vacant. To proceed with this method, they must reach the airport counter and ask them for the flight ability in their preferred travel class. The representative will check the vacancy of the seats after customers handle their tickets. If seats are available, they will be assigned to the passengers. It must be noted that seats are upgraded on the basis of several conditions, including elite membership status and serious medical urgency.

What is Air Canada's Upgrade policy?

Air Canada has framed several policies for travelers who wish to upgrade their travel.

  • Travelers are only eligible to upgrade their travel classes if there is eligibility for seats.
  • They must pay the fare difference and upgrade charges if they wish to upgrade to a higher travel class.
  • Your upgrade bid will be accepted on not completely dependent upon Air Canada.
  • In case seats remain vacant then, Air Canada automatically upgrades travel classes based on your membership status.

How do I upgrade my Air Canada seat at the last minute?

Last-minute upgrades can be used by the passengers to elevate their travel experiences traveling in business or premium economy travel classes. Travelers must not forget to pay Air Canada last minute upgrade cost; if they have collected credits they can utilize them for their upgrades. They can process this option by making a note of the following online pointers:

  • Go to the Air Canada website.
  • Now, you must log into your registered E-credit account.
  • Head to the upgrade section.
  • As you retrieve our booking, you must check the seats available in the preferred travel class.
  • Check the applicable fee and confirm the seat upgrade option.
  • Soon, your e-credit will be deducted for processing upgrades.

How can I bid for an upgrade at Air Canada?

Air Canada ticket holders also have the opportunity to upgrade their travel classes any time until 48 before the departure of the flight to make a bid for their travel class. If the airline accepts the bid, they will inform travelers at least 24 hours before departure. Also, it must be taken into account that not all flights are upgradable and Air Canada seat-upgrade bid cost to be paid. If you wish to continue with this process to purchase an upgrade on Air Canada, then you must refer to the sequential steps mentioned below:

  • Open Air Canada's official mobile application.
  • Tap on the upgrades notion under the booking section.
  • Click on the "AC-bid-upgrade" link.
  • To check the eligibility and proceed ahead, enter the Passsngers-name and booking reference code.
  • If your reservation is eligible, then you must make a bid and fill in the mandatory fields of the form.
  • Press the submit button.
  • If the quote is accepted, you will be sent confirmation.

How to upgrade Economy to Premium Economy?

Travelers who wish to upgrade from economy travel class to premium economy can either process it online or contact Air Canada customer services. They must dial the official Air Canada upgrade phone number:1-888 247 2262  to check the availability of seats. Next, they must continue with the auto-generated instructions to get their calls being turned to a representative handling upgrade. If there are possibilities for upgrades, the airline representative will make them happen.

How much does it cost to upgrade an Air Canada flight?

Since upgrades are not available for free, travelers are expected to pay Air Canada seat upgrade cost, which might vary according to selected travel class and travel distance. In approximation, travelers are expected to pay $250-$600. Travelers can obtain the exact upgrade cost by contacting customer services.