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Does Saudi Airlines give Refunds?

Multiple issues might arise with a booking that you hold with Saudi Airlines. That can result in its cancellation. For canceled bookings, Saudi Airlines offers a refund to its customers. You can go through the website for help with the issues with cancellation and refund.

How long does a Saudi Airlines refund take?

For a booking that has been done through online payment, you shall get the refund within seven days, and for one done through cash or cheque might take fifteen to twenty business days for the Saudi Airlines refund amount paid for tickets to get back into the source account.

What is the Saudi airline refund policy?

For a refund from the airline, You can go through the airline for assistance by choosing to learn about their policies.

  • Saudi Airlines gives you a full refund for the cancellation of a booking that has been made within 24 hours of the booking. This is devoid of any fare rules of the booking.
  • The booking has been done in Saudi Airlines business class, then you can go through the airline to cancel the booking and avail of the refund within canceling the same before at least 3 to 4 hours of the flight’s departure time.
  • If there is any delay in the flight booking or the flight gets canceled, then you can avail of a full refund after canceling the booking.
  • Saudi Airlines avails a full refund if there is any medical emergency or if a death happens in the family.

Why is my Saudi Airlines flight refund taking so long?

Depending on the mode of patent, Saudi Airlines pays you the refund and you can know about Saudi Airlines refund how many days. It, in general, takes around seven to fifteen business days for the refund amount to get credited into your bank account. If even then if it gets delayed, there must be a technical issue, or there might be an issue with your bank account.

What if my Saudi airline won't refund me?

Generally, Saudi Airlines very easily pays you the refund after its cancellation. If you don’t get the refund from the airline, you can choose to go through them and contact the airline so that you can easily find a solution for the issues of the refund.

Additionally, you can also place a refund request with the airline for the help you are looking for with a refund. You can choose to go through them for Saudi Airlines refund status and also follow the given steps to place a refund request:

  • Skim through Saudi Airlines’ official website.
  • Salvage the booking using the reference number and last name of the passenger from the my bookings option.
  • Then, on the booking summary page of Saudi, click on the menu icon list and choose the refund option.
  • You will get a Saudi refund form. Fill out the form and then proceed to submit the same.

How much will be refunded for a Saudi flight ticket?

If you possess an unused ticket, Saudi shall give you a complete refund for the booking that is canceled. And for partially used tickets, the refund will also be partial. However, the partial refund mostly depends on the fare rules of the booking.