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How do I change my seat on Fiji Airways?

After reserving your flight seat with Fiji Airways, if you are not delighted with your selective seat, then you can head with the Fiji Airways seat change option as there are different ways through which you can head with this process; you can call customer care and request for a seat change else you can proceed by attending a sales office, but the easiest yet the convenient way, if you are failing to reach through a phone call, is through the Airline website to know about the method, glance at the below procedure.

  • To proceed, open the official web page of Fiji Airways.
  • On the manage booking page, mention your last name and reference number.
  • There, you will locate all your flight details and select the seat change option.
  • Pick your suitable seat from the given available options on the seat map.
  • Press the submit button, and pay the Additional charges as asked.
  • After that, you will get an email concerning your seat confirmation.

Can you change your seat on Fiji Airways after booking?

Yes, you can change your reserved flight seat after booking as the Airline provides you with different options that help you with the procedure of Fiji Airways seat change after booking; you can make it through the manage booking page by selecting the option of “change seat.” else you can also he customer support of the Airline to help you with your seat change, and lastly you can also get it done at the Airline by speaking to the live person available at Fiji Airways help desk.

What is the seat change fee for Fiji Airways?

While changing your flight seat with Fiji Airways, you need to pay the seat-changing fee to the Airline as the Fiji Airways seat change cost is around $50 per person. For any query regarding the seat change fee, you can directly speak to Fiji customer support and get assistance.

What can be the ways to ask for a seat change on a plane?

To sit near your friends or spouse if you are planning to propose a trading seat with the passenger next to you, then there is a certain way to head with the procedure if Fiji Airways seat change on a plane. Switching is usually easy when you offer the aisle or a window seat. To know the method, follow up with the few suitable steps below.

  • Try to make your pitch low and ask politely the person if he would not mind switching a seat with you on a plane.
  • Explain to him the reason for your seat change by mentioning that you would like to sit with your loved one to have a great traveling experience together.
  • And if the person is bothered to switch the seat, they accept the answer dignifiedly and thank them for their time.

Is changing seat from economy to business class possible?

Yes, you can change your flight seat from economy to business class by proceeding with the seat upgrade process, as changing your seat along with the cabin class is not considered a seat change. It is the seat upgrade procedure for this. You can speak to the Airline ticket agent and ask him to upgrade your ticket from Economy to Business; otherwise, you can head through the Airline's website by paying the fare amount, which starts from $400 and exceeds $100 depending on your destination and time.

Can you refuse to switch my seats on a plane?

Yes, you can say no to switching your flight seats on a plane. You are under no obligation to switch your assigned seat if asked, as when the passenger asks you to switch your seat and you are not comfortable with it, straightaway you can decline by saying no and telling him you especially chose this seat for the traveling during the procedure of booking, and you are not interested to swap