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Can I choose my seats in volaris airlines?

It is pretty simple if you are flying with Volaris Airlines and looking forward to the desired seat selection. Seats play an important role when discussing the comfort in the journey. Volaris understands the facts and offers several ways to choose your seats. 

The article below will focus on the Volaris Seat selection process, Volaris seat selection fee, and other relevant information. Take a look to upgrade your knowledge. 

Can you pick seat on Volaris?

Yes! Volaris allows you to pick the seats during booking, after booking, and at the time of online check-in. The airline will assign you random seats if you don't pick the seats.

How do I choose my seat on Volaris after booking a flight? 

If you want to choose the seat after booking, go to the 'My Trip' section on the website, and you can select the desired seat by paying for it. In addition, you can also make seat selection during check-in. Here is the seat selection process:

  • Head to the Volaris Airlines official website and go to the 'My Trip' section.
  • Enter the reservation code and last name, and click 'Find your reservation.' 
  • Select the trip you want to choose a seat for, proceed with the seat selection.
  • From the seat map, choose the desired seats and pay for it. 
  • Follow the commands, and you will receive a confirmation email for your seat soon.

What is premium seat on Volaris?

Volaris allows its passengers to choose premium seats. Volaris Airline premium seats are in rows 1-5 and exit rows. You get additional legroom when choosing premium seats, and they can be booked by paying extra charges. 

Can I choose my seat number in volaris?

Yes! Volaris allows you to choose the desired seat number unless it is available. You can choose the seat number during booking, via my trip section after booking, and at the time of check-in. 

How do I avoid paying for seat selection in Volaris?

Arrive early:  If you want free seats, you can arrive early at the airport and speak to the Volaris staff. If the seats are not fully booked, the airline might allow you to choose it for free. 

By Paying Miles: You can also pay for your seats by using the Miles earned. Enough miles can save your money and help you select a free seat. 
Free upgrade: You can also speak to the Voris staff at the gate; if the seats are available, they might upgrade you to the higher class without paying any fee. 

What is seat selection fee in volaris?

The seat selection fee in Volaris is based on route and seat type: Premium, First-off or Standard, More space. Generally, the seat selection fee ranges from $ 10 to $ 30. To check the exact cost, you can speak to Volaris directly. 

Can you choose seats when checking in online?

Yes! If you haven't selected any seat or want to change it, you can choose it during online check-in. Besides, if you want Volaris change seat after check-in, you can speak to the Volaris staff at the airport or visit the My Trip section website. 

Can I choose my seats in Volaris Airlines economy?

Yes! You can make Volaris Airlines seat selection economy when booking the flight ticket online or later via the My Trip section or when checking your flight. 


If you are flying with Volaris, you can choose the desired seat during the flight booking via the website 'My Trip' section or at check-in time. However, the airline assigns you random seats if no seat selection is made before boarding. Besides, in case you face any troubles or need more information, contact the Voris team directly at 1-855-865-2747 to help you in this regard.