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                                            PRIVACY POLICY

When you visit the booking website at, it demands the highest standard of practices to ensure the security of transactions at the time of booking. The travel agents of Ticketforfly appreciate your requirements, and they always try to comprehend how the information you deliver is collected, transferred, disclosed, and stored by the booking website. Check with the privacy policy for the customer's personal information that we provide for the best security and quick assistance for personal details from our official website.

About the Privacy Policy & Promises:

You are always free to collect genuine information for the best content, products, and services from other websites, including our branded website. Get assistance in keeping your travel information recent at your convenience and check with the new update on our website. Review our website's booking facility and cancellation service at and determine your privacy and safety in these objectives you usually find with us. You are bound to believe in crucial activities to collect, utilize, and disclose personal information to perform our business functions and activities rapidly.

What we collect in the personal information:

We are authorized to bestow the best privacy in treating personal information from customers who conveniently visit our excellent official travel site for their flight booking service. When you need to get information for flight booking and cancelation, you are required to know the privacy and policy before sharing your data. If you wish to know what kind of personal information we collect during reservation or registering on our website, get the details below.

Ways we collect your personal information:

You can access our website for complete information about your trip to your required destination. Our website is associated with various clients and services you can find after entering the critical information we need. Hence, we are here to gather your personal information using legal methods as follows.

We share personal details with someone for the best purposes:

When you provide us with the necessary personal and contact details, we are reserved for sharing your personal information for travel business with our other corporate entities and affiliates. You will get information about our purpose to share your important details with others.

How long we keep your personal information:

We will retain your data for as long as necessary to fulfill the requirement of collecting more data for travel services. You must not worry about your details as we have stored your personal information under the robust security you must maintain by entering the correct user ID and password. As per the privacy and policy, you must not share your user ID and password to avoid unnecessary mishaps, but we will not be responsible for this act if you do so.